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The Board Game

A Director's companion

for winning in business


The corporate board game is complex and fraught with dangers for the unwary. In this practical look at life at the top of the organisational tree, Peter Waine distils his many years’ experience and exclusive access to leading board directors into a biting exposé of how company decisions are really taken.


The Board Game offers an unprecedented close-up of why companies behave the way they do, where they go wrong, and what can be done to put things right. In particular, the critical and often fraught relationship between the CEO and Chairman is examined, along with the role of non-executive directors, a company’s relationship with the City, international trading, corporate characters and culture, psychology and emotions, and strategies through a boom-and-bust cycle.


The Board Game is the book all company leaders, senior and aspiring executives, and captains of industry have been waiting for. It will enable you to see the wood for the trees in corporate life and its conclusions will point the way to a winning formula in the boardroom.