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My next book - A.E. Housman: Finding a Path to Flourish

Updated: Mar 9, 2021

To his supporters he has penned some of the most sublime poetry, and in his lifetime he was compared only to Kipling and was offered the Poet Laureateship.But today he is relatively unknown.

My book aims to introduce Housman to a wider audience.

, attempts to explain his rather odd character, a character explained largely by his being autistic, a theory not propounded hitherto.

Among his best poetry, in my view , apart from the ever popular, ' Loveliest of trees, the cherry now' is the one that starts' When summer's end is nighing/And skies at evening cloud/I muse on change and fortune/And all the fears I vowed/When I was young and proud.'

One of his loveliest lines describes sunset as ' The orange band of eve.' Wow!

He was also possibly the greatest Latin scholar this country has ever produced and Housman merges and mixes ingredients from disperate sources, not least the classics and his love of the English countryside, to offer deceptively simple verse which resonates at many levels.

Why shouldn't more of us enjoy his offering- hence my book?

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