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Peter Waine

Author and Artist

Peter is a lifelong campaigner in conservation, being former chairman of three major conservation bodies. Nature inspires his prose, his poetry and his art.

In addition to co-founding what was the principal source for non-executive appointments Peter was also on the board of public and private companies, and was  visiting professor at two business schools and a former director of CBI.

W.H. Auden famously described A.E. Housman as keeping ’tears like dirty postcards in a drawer’. An element of mystery has always surrounded the life of this intensely private man. In his quirky but compelling  account of Housman’s development into both a renowned classical scholar (even after failing his undergraduate degree in Classics!) and the best selling author of A Shropshire Lad, Peter Waine casts fresh light on the oddities and obsessions that resulted in the rebarbative Housman ‘persona’, as well as in some of the most beautiful and moving lyrics in the English language. Richly detailed and elegantly written, this is a fascinating guide to the work of a poet whose admirers ranged from Oscar Wilde to Randall Jarrell. 


Mark Ford 

world-famous Faber poet , UCL professor of literature, award-winning literary critic

PW. A.E Housman- Finding a Path to Flour
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